The Ministry of Feet

Let’s face it. Runners’ feet are not the most gorgeous thing on the planet. Frankly, they don’t even come close. We’ve got the blisters and the sores, the athlete’s foot and the calluses, the black toenails and the absolutely-gone toenails. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve had a toenail on my left pinky toe for about a year. Not to mention the smell. Any sort of stretching that puts my head near my feet is it’s own brand of “fun.”

But these beasties also carry us for miles and miles. They take us each step of the way. They support our weight, and they enable us to have those rare, sweet moments when we feel we can fly.

Sometimes, the source of the greatest darkness is also the source of the greatest light.


There is so much to be grateful for, in life and in running. When I went for my run yesterday, I was thankful for:

  • Feet/legs that work
  • A sunny day
  • Running shoes

Running is a low-equipment sport, but the equipment we do use is crucial. Not that basketballs or football helmets aren’t crucial. But a good pair of shoes, some moisture-wicking socks, and a little BodyGlide can make all the difference between a refreshing shower and a wince-worthy one (that lets you know just where you were chaffing during that run).

  • Running clothes

Technically, you can run in anything. Like I said, low-equipment sport. You can run in khakis if you want – more power to you. Me, I usually have some athletic-style shorts on, and then I’ll wear anything from a dry-fit shirt to cotton. Some people swear off cotton, but sometimes it’s easier, especially if my run is mid-day.

Yesterday though, I had some new shorts and a new top. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about running-specific gear that makes me feel like a real runner.  Like when I rip open a gu on a long run and slurp the squishy energy from the packet, I  practically feel myself getting faster. It’s the crazy things we do for love.

It’s not the gear that makes the runner, but the runner that makes the gear, of course, but I still like that feeling.

  • Summer time grilling

There’s nothing like delicious smells wafting from each yard to speed up my pace and get me home for dinner. Between the grilling smells and the birds chirping, the muscle burn and the pound of my heart, running makes you feel alive. More than that, it makes you feel vibrant.

  • Being alive


What are you grateful for when you run?


2 thoughts on “The Ministry of Feet

  1. If you ever see me running, I am trying desperately to get away from something! So I guess I would have to say that I am grateful to get away!!!!!


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