10 Things that Happen When You Run in the Summer

1. You will be able to run at almost any time you feel like it.

The sun is practically always up! You can be a “night” runner at 7:30 and still have the sun with you.

2. You will avoid noon running like the plague.

That aforementioned sun? It’s merciless in the 12-3 block.

3. You will develop some interesting tan lines.

Socks? Armband? Shirt or sports bra? Check, check, check.

4. You will have to start shaving more frequently (assuming you’re a girl who shaves her legs).

Goodbye pants. Goodbye running leggings. It’s been a good run – pun intended!

5. You will take your shirt off while running at least once.

Not because you’re vain, but because it’s so hot. You may be running in the doomsday heat of 12-3. You may be somewhere extremely humid. You may be trying to fight the strange tan lines you’ve been getting (Hint: it won’t help).

6. You will feel like a gazelle springing across the serengeti.

Strong. Graceful. Majestic.

7. You will pant like a dog.

They might be on to something….

8. You will forget to bring water. Once.

Never again. You dehydrate faster in the heat, and by the time you feel thirsty, it’s too late.

9. You will get to fuel and hydrate at the same time with watermelon.

Sugar and water in one neat little package. Perfect for after a run. Or any time.

10. You will seriously contemplate chasing an ice cream truck.

Running after ice cream is completely sane. Channel the gazelle and go for it.


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