10 Things that are Better to Watch than Your Weight

We are told all the time that we need to be watching our weight. Not to mention how ego-centric that is, there’s a lot of better things out there to watch.

1. Watch a sunrise.

Get up early. Stop. Find the skyline and breathe. Allow beauty and awe and peace to wash over you. Repeat often.

2. Watch how you treat others.

May you build up, strengthen, and encourage.

3. Watch a documentary.

Learn something new.

4. Watch a child at play.

And see pure, un-ADULT-erated imagination in all its colors.

5. Watch an old couple walking down the street, hand in hand.Still flaming after 40 years. Sadly, this is becoming rarer and rarer these days.

6. Watch a young couple on their first date of many.

The spark is there. The smiles are there. Life is there.

7. Watch how you use your time.

They say you can’t take words back, but really, every action, once done, is done. You can’t cross the same river twice. You, and maybe also the river, will be different.

8. Watch what you say.

Words affect both the listener and the speaker.

9. Watch out for those who can’t watch out for themselves.

Go volunteer at a food bank. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see a crime happening. Speak out for the marginalized.

10. Watch Netflix

This is still infinitely more productive than watching your weight.

What would you rather watch?


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