2L Year!

I start the beginning of my second year of law school tomorrow at Emory University, and I am so excited!

During 1L, you mostly take the same core classes that all 1Ls across the nation take – Property, Torts, and Contracts, oh my! 2L year though, you have much more freedom picking your classes. This means I get to take fun criminal classes like Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Sentencing Practice, and Kids in Conflict with the Law……. all to properly prep me for a future as a prosecuting attorney! Additionally, after interning in a District Attorney’s office this past summer, I’ve have seen how vital knowledge of the rules of evidence is – and at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow morning I get to dive right on in!

There’s a saying about law school. 1L they scare you to death, 2L they work you to death, and 3L they bore you to death.

Well, in the words of Monty Python: “I’m not dead yet!” (of course, that character is then told that they will be soon…. so hopefully the parallel isn’t quite perfect). Plus, the things I have to work on this semester are worth it to me – worth the stress, the long nights, the feeling like if I could only have 25 hours in my day I could make some headway. I’ll be working on the International Journal and serving as President of the Criminal Law Society and as Student Deputy Prosecutor.

And, when it comes to stress, who can guess what I’ll be doing to cope? That’s right, running! (and also sleeping, and also calling my mom in a teary mess….. we can’t all be put together 100% of the time)

So, that said, y’all are going to get some interesting posts! I hope to have the usual ones about running, food, and life…… but that life now includes law school. Also, please bear with me if there’s a short post or a late post.

More adventures to follow!


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