Fall Run Pictures

Because 2L is crazy, because we’re only 7 weeks out from exams (sorry to all my fellow law students for bringing that up), and because my trail was so pretty, this is gonna be a short, picture-filled post.

I love going out to the Silver Comet Trail on the weekends for a long run. Even when I’m not training, there’s something about traveling out to this trail and being among the nature and fellow runners (and cyclists and walkers). It makes the run so much more special. And when it’s fall, it makes the run so much more beautiful than just a city run.

Evidence in point:

photo 1-1

photo 2-1

I ran 10x faster after seeing this – an ad for the Silver Comet Marathon, which I’m running on Halloween! : D

photo 3-1

photo 5-1

photo 1-3

Fall running makes for one happy runner!

photo 3-2

And for hungry runners, there’s nothing like this “smoothie” for embracing fall. I mixed pumpkin puree and vanilla protein powder and couldn’t stop licking the spoon!


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