Happiness Comes in Boxes

It’s time for new shoes again! Woohoo!

After some time off of running, I thought I’d be good with starting again. Some of the pain persisted, but then went away. I thought I was in the clear. However, it was quickly replaced  by another pain that had me thinking plantar fasciitis. I made a point of not saying this out loud or even thinking it too much for fear of creating a self-fulfilling placebo effect.

Then I realized: maybe it’s not me. Maybe it’s my shoes. They’ve got about 400 miles on them, and most shoes get replaced around 350. I had 500 on my last pair, so I was expecting the same for this pair (same model and everything). But we have to listen to our bodies. My feet have been telling me that something is wrong, so I’m going to protect them. I want to continue running, both now and for many years. If that means buying my new shoes a little early, I’m okay with that.

Plus, this is the type of shoe shopping I can do. I walked into the running store like this:


You know your running store is the greatest when all you have to do is point to your feet and say, “Got a 7.5?” I love Big Peach Running Co.!

I swear, opening this box is like Christmas!


Old Hokas, meet new Hokas. I can’t wait to break in these bad boys!


There was a lot of joy from wrapped boxes today. My mom also sent me a care package complete with tea, a candle, and an exercise top. Does she know me or what? And that’s Downton Abbey tea, no less! Now all I need is a study break to watch the next episode and drink some tea.


My mom also decorates the outsides of packages she sends me. This sticker pretty much captures my reaction. Care packages for no reason (no birthday, no holiday) but just for the reason of love are a great thing. The way my mom loves me is an inspiration to love other people better. IMG_3364

Have a good week!


2 thoughts on “Happiness Comes in Boxes

  1. I actually decorate packages I send out too. That is too funny, I always thought I was the only one LOL.

    I do agree though and opening a fresh pair of kicks is the best.


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