Tuesday Tangents

My life’s been all over the place recently, so in similar vein, this post is gonna have a little bit of everything.


I’m still dealing with some foot issues, so two Fridays ago, I went and got a foot massage. Whew, let me tell you, that was great! They soaked my feet in hot water, massaged kinks out of them I didn’t even know were there, and then wrapped my feet in a hot compress. Complete the atmosphere with a lush chair, a chandelier that looks like water droplets, a fountain, light music piping into the room, and warm tea and you’ve got perfection. I’m not sure if it helped my feet, but I know it helped my soul. Or should I say sole?

You’re looking at a future ADA (Assistant District Attorney)!

You know those moments where you feel like you have a glimpse into your future? I was on my way from the courthouse downtown, got the massage, and then was meeting a friend for dinner at Cafe Intermezzo. I had the feeling that I could see myself doing this in 10 years – just finishing a trial or a long day at the DA’s (District Attorney’s) office, and getting a massage to get the stress out of my body and the criminals out of my head. For that future when I’m a prosecutor….. I can’t wait!

This was my delicious dinner! A crepe filled with duck, fig jam, carmelized onions, and topped with cinnamon – yum! 

That was two weekends ago. This past weekend I drove out to Athens for a NEDA (National Eating Disorders Awareness) Walk.


Eating disorders are a serious issue, not just the pet-issue of girls who are insecure about their bodies. Eating disorders affect men and women, athletes and non-athletes. People believe their lies because they want to feel beautiful, because they want to feel righteous, because they want to not feel at all. They are among the deadliest psychiatric disorders and are not to be taken lightly.


I will probably rant about eating disorders again and often, but for right now, check out this great article by elite running Esther Atkins. It does a great job of explaining one side of eating disorders as it pertains to long distance runners.

In other news, I was able to go out to sushi with a friend last week. Sometimes in the law school we all get caught up with our to-do lists that we don’t stop to assess how we’re doing as human beings. It was a good time to re-center and to care for each other…… and to use strips of wood to eat raw fish!

I mean, doesn't that just look good?!
I mean, doesn’t that just look good?!


Also, the weather is starting to get warm! Hooray!! I am so ready to give up the treadmill (though I have cultivated a love for it over the winter – it’s great for keeping you warm and on pace) and take to the sun and streets again. I love how, when the weather is nice, you can lace up your shoes and go out any time of day. You don’t have to plan your run for when it’s light enough out or warm enough out. You can just go, as easy as breathing.

Good ol’ Gambrell Hall, my law school – Emory Law.

Without further ado, it’s back to the law school and studying for me!


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