This Just In – The Dangers of Running

This just in – there’s some crucial news about the dangers of running for your health and overall well-being  in life. This has been scientifically backed by ground-breaking studies of all types and ages of runners.*

1. It will lead you to be a happier person.

And who wants that? This is a very real danger. If you’re up at 6am running, when you walk into your office at 8:30am with a sense of accomplishment and endorphins under your belt, beaming at your co-workers, you’re at high risk of eye rolls, death glares, and maybe the snide comment about your chipper attitude.

2. It can really wreck your cardiovascular expectations.

That walk in the park? Yep, no longer gonna cut it if you want to work up a sweat. 6 miles becomes “just” a “short” run.

3. It will get you outside often.

Running outside subjects you to all sorts of risks. Sunburn, heat rash, pollen, interesting tan lines, the whole schabang. Yeah, it’s rough.

4. It can cause you to spend exorbitant amounts of time in running clothes.

Gym chic all day every day.

5. It can cause you to cut short late night socialization so that you can rest, recover, and get up early for your run.

Talk about isolating. I mean, you’re missing a couple of hours out in order to see the sunrise and run with birds chirping like a disney movie. Definitely not worth the risk.

6. It will lead you to get all sorts of comments about, “You’re running again? Didn’t you do that yesterday??”

And there just isn’t a good answer to that.




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