About Me

According to Merriam-Webster, effort means:

1) Work done by the mind or body

2) A serious attempt to do something

When I’m going through life, I’m giving it my all. Whether I’m running, cooking, or studying for law school, I’m trying my best. In my studies, in my writing, in building relationships, you’re going to get all of me – coming 100%, fully committed and fully present.

Does that mean that I always succeed? I wish!

It would make a lot of things easier. But hey, sometimes the joy is in the challenge, right? Sometimes the success is in the trying. And better to have tried and failed than to tell yourself you’re a failure and never get started.

About .2 miles from the finish line of my first marathon ever! Which explains my exhausted-but-oh-so-happy look and bulging leg muscle.
About .2 miles from the finish line of my first marathon ever! Which explains my exhausted-but-oh-so-happy look and the bulging leg muscle.

Who: My name is Emily. Which means perseverant. Which means I was pretty much destined to be hard working. It also helps that “E” is the first letter of effort.

What: This blog is going to be a runner’s blog. Since runners are full, complete people with full, complete lives (although sometimes that depends on if we’re in training season!), this blog will capture the eclectic mix that is my life as a woman, runner, law student, writer, cook, daughter, sister, and friend.

Where: I grew up about 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. with cows by my house and an address that Netflix said was invalid. In 2014 I graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois, just outside of Chicago, with a bachelor’s in Philosophy and English Writing. I’m living in Atlanta, GA right now to attend law school at Emory University, and loving every minute of it (okay, maybe not every minute, but most!). My goal is to practice criminal prosecution somewhere in the Atlanta area, so you’ll be able to call me a Georgian soon enough.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. Preferably a whole pack of them. And nothing that I could accidentally hurt by stepping on it.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Chocolate. Unless we’re talking ice cream. Then vanilla. Or both! The swirl cone was invented for a reason.

Treadmill or outside?

Normally outside, but I like to mix it up. Treadmills, despite their moniker as “dreadmills,” can actually be a great way to work on pacing, grind out the miles, or have a respite from the cold/heat/wind.

Favorite color?


That’s about the only favorite I have. I read all the time and people are constantly asking me for my favorite book or author. Just one? Impossible. Still, gotta make wedding planning easy.

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

As a runner, I feel almost contractually obliged to say super speed. But I think I’d choose something more like flight.

Or shapeshifting. Then I could be a bird and fly, a cheetah and fast, an ant and strong – technically, they’re super strong for their size. But I don’t think I’d be scaring any super villains like that. Okay, or a gorilla and strong.

Place in the world I hope to visit next?

Germany. Reason #1 – part of my heritage is German. Reason #2 – it’s gorgeous and culture-laden. Reason #3 – pretzels and meat, nuff said.

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or forward?

If time machines were ever invented, I would have already come back by now and told myself all kinds of things. They’re not gonna happen. That, or someone stole mine.


Anything else…. please ask!


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